Monthly Archives: January 2009

New Wheels for the Five

Took the plunge today and got some new wheels and tyres for the MX-5.
Went to Demon Tweaks at Wrexham for a look at what they might have. Had a fair idea what I wanted, but really wanted to see some wheels in the flesh. The guy there was really helpful and fetched samples out of their stock, as well as showing the ones on display.
Eventually settled on the fairly expensive option of Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2, in black, with Toyo T1-R’s.
Now I’m wondering how many miles I need to run them in, before I can push it a bit and see what improvement there is over previous tyres. I hope it will confirm that the old boots were rubbish Jap rubber — otherwise, it’ll be a case of going for a 4-wheel alignment (before or after new suspension?!)
Returned home via Maplins in Chester, where I picked up an automotive multimeter with RPM facility. Tried this out, using it to check and adjust the throttle dashpot. Seems to need careful positioning of the rpm pickup and is more reliable at higher revs — reading tends to be iffy at tickover. When I tried measuring frequency with the meter connected to Diagnostic port IG signal, found it disappointingly useless. (I suspect not enough voltage.)

Beginning the blog

Well I finally got around to it — I’m starting a blog Surprised
It was originally and idea for one of my retirement projects when I gave up gainful employment (12 months ago!), but somehow it never got going.
I told myself  it could begin with our Spring holiday; I told myself it would be easier after the summer, when the nights draw in; I told myself our September holiday in Menorca would make a good start; I told myself it could be a project for the Xmas holidays; I told myself it could be a New Year Resolution; etc, etc … Embarrassed
Now I’m actually doing it at last!  Open-mouthed