To Garstang for the Annual Gathering

And so to Garstang for the annual clan get together (Lesley’s clan, that is) to celebrate Mother-in-Law’s 87th birthday.

Travelled up early Friday afternoon (moderate traffic) and arrived to find R&M already in residence. They had come early to visit estate agents, following the Big Announcement of their intended relocation. Mother-in-Law was apparently gob-smacked, as you might expect, by the news they plan to move back here — but of course delighted: she declared at some point during the course of the day that this was "the best present of all". Lesley and I think it’s quite a good thing too 😉

Saturday, we had the now traditional family lunch at Quattros — twelve sat down to eat, counting The Boys.
Photobucket  Mother-in-Laws 87th Birthday Lunch - 1

A good time was had by all, and the staff were particularly good, especially going to lengths to accommodate and amuse Archie and Jack. I had hot shrimps followed by the Bistecha Piccante (which was definitely very piccante! but good none-the-less) and finished with toffee pavlova. I nobly volunteered to drive — must remember next year (DV) it’s somebody else’s turn!

In the afternoon, the cousins decended. The last couple of years, we’ve had good weather and been able to sit in the garden, but this time we were out of luck; so twenty of us crammed into the lounge for tea and cake. Still it’s really good to get everyone together — I’m sure M-in-Law was greatly chuffed.

No room of course for The Children (and their children) to stay overnight, so just the five of us for lunch today.

Then home this afternoon to begin final preparations for Lundy — tomorrow is Child Minding, of course, so we need to get organized ready to go down to Poole on Tuesday.

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