It’s (hasn’t really) been a quiet month

I’ve realized that, apart from a test posting when I installed ScribeFire on my netbook, I haven’t written anything in my blog for a whole month.

It isn’t that nothing has happened …

There was an enjoyable day marshalling at the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power, for instance.

And I was at Oulton Park 25th July when Matt and his brother used my guest tickets to bring Archie to his first motor racing event.

We’ve also had the Hewitt wedding-celebration BBQ (weekend before last) which was an enjoyable family “do” and remarkably lucky weather-wise. That weekend also included a tour of Anne and Franks new residence (lots of work in prospect there, but they seem confident!) and the first official viewing (exterior only) Rosemary and Mervyn’s probable new home – they expect to be in in a matter of weeks, DV.

I also took a small step forward in the ongoing “sort out the car tuning” project, which now seems to have stalled again. I have at least now got the data-collection module sampling RPM and boost, so that I was able to do a preliminary test run and get a recorded trace of Lambda, RPM and manifold pressure; only had a cursory glance at the results though, so far. Must try and progress this soon!

And last weekend, I had a taste of being a flaggie at the MSVR meeting. That was an interesting exercise – don’t think I see it as an ultimate ambition, though it has to be said there’s probably less potential for being bored when flagging (except perhaps when it’s a Silhouettes race and there’s a grid of only six!)

So – I really must try and keep the blog up-to-date …

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