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40 Years, but who’s counting? – Ruby Wedding visit to Jersey


So forty years ago, Jersey for the honeymoon seemed quite adventurous, even exotic. Undoubtedly seems pretty unimpressive to the following generation, who’ve been everywhere and done everything before they’re twenty, but it was pretty exciting then (as far as I can remember!)

Last time, we flew in and hired a sports-car; this time it’s a ferry crossing with the practical four-door saloon, but we’ve got a pretty impressive harbour-view apartment

Day 1 (Thursday April 1st)

Left Broadstone a little before 6.00am, after an overnight stop at Chris & Phyl’s.

The Condor ferry from Weymouth sailed about 10 minutes ahead of time but took rather longer than scheduled, due to the unpleasant sea conditions – we were more than a little relieved when finally she reached Guernsey, and thankfully the final hop to Jersey was much easier.

Weather really good, with sun and blue skies all day, in contrast to the day before when both mainland and the islands had less-than-spring-like conditions.

Did a little basic shopping and was somewhat taken aback by the prices, particularly wine (which I had assumed would be cheap here and is in fact 50% dearer!)

Managed to cook evening meal in-house, despite the instructions for the cooker being for a totally different appliance!

Day 2 (Friday)

Started out very wet, with the result we stayed in bed until way past 9 o’clock. There was a very good program on the various theological interpretations of the significance of the cross, on BBC1. Eventually dragged ourselves up for breakfast, to find that the weather seemed to be improving.

Sun shining by late morning, and we strolled along to La Fregate Café on the esplanade by Les Jardins de la Mer for a coffee. Made our way back around the Elizabeth Marina and watched the 12.30 ferry set off, before coming back up Albert Pier and into town to pick up a couple of items from a Spar and check out service times for Sunday at the Town Church.

Chanced upon a newly opened business selling filled baguettes at special-offer price, and so made an enjoyable lunch, consumed on our balcony in the sun.

Rain returned after lunch so we stayed in for a while. Later it improved a bit and we were able to have a walk to the Fort Regent complex, but it was pretty cool, and started to rain again as we got home

To a nice little restaurant nearby, called Bellagios, for our evening meal: very nice, and most reasonably priced at £15 for a set menu with four or five starter and main choices.

Day 3 (Saturday)

Wet all day!

Shopped at the Co-Op Bon Marche superstore (wines etc much more reasonably priced here!), before a drive to the South-west corner.

Skipped St Aubin Harbour, and headed out to Noirmont Point, where the rain eased only briefly. Then to St Brelade’s Bay; managed a walk along the seafront followed by lunch in the Crab Shack – nice sandwiches and excellent chips. After lunch, en route to Corbiere, we chanced upon M&S, where we purchased the makings of an anniversary meal tomorrow. At Corbiere Point the rain really lashed down (or rather across! – horizontal off the sea) so we sat in the car admiring the the fearsomeness of Nature from the warm and dry.

The brasserie at Jersey Museum was the venue for our evening meal – another good choice: three courses and a bottle of red for a little over 50 quid; recommended!

Day 4 (Sunday)

To church first of all, to celebrate Easter and Our Forty Years. Nice family communion service at The Town Church; good congregation and a nice atmosphere, though they are not over-hot on the welcoming-visitors front (but then maybe they get so many of them!)

Back to the apartment for a coffee, followed not too long after by the bottle of pink bubbly that Anna gave us, accompanied by corned beef butties.

Took the lift up to Fort Regent again and walked out on to the headland to admire the view – very windy!

Home-catered anniversary meal: avocado and prawns to start, French-trimmed racks of lamb with potato gratin and steamed vegetable selection, finished off with strawberry tartlets.

Day 5 (Monday)

First to the Bouley Bay Hill Climb: quite entertaining, if a bit amateurish in some ways.

Planned to do the East Coast on the way home. Managed to find our way to St Catherines Bay alright, then back South to Gorey, but after that we somehow managed to get detached from the coastline and ended up coming more or less directly back into St Helier, missing the South-east corner entirely. (Navigation has been a bit of a pain, this holiday, due to flakey tourist map and road numbers that aren’t what they should be!)

Fish and Chips for tea

Day 6 (Tuesday)

Jersey Pottery our first objective. I was determined to do the South-east and East Coast properly, so got ourselves on to the A4 and stuck to it.

The Pottery not too busy; had a pleasant wander round, and JL got the egg cups that she was determined we would have! A little disappointed there were not more people working in the "See How Jersey Pottery Is Made" area.

Made our way to the North coast for my objective – A Good Walk. Parked at the viewpoint at Les Platons, above La Crete Fort, looking down on Giffard Bay. Ate the butties we’d bought in Gorey and read our books for a while. Then set off down to the lower the cliff path and walked round to the harbour in Bonne Nuit Bay. From there, after a cup of tea in the harbour café, up (and I do mean UP!) and over towards the TV mast above the Wolf’s Caves. From there, the intent was to come back by road to the car park, but once again the crap map and signposting led me astray, and we ended up walking a bit further than planned, before finding our way back to the car. Enjoyed the walk though. Quite Lundy-like.

Intended to have our evening meal at either the Museum Brasserie or Bellagio’s, but the former was closed and the latter fully booked, so ended up at an Italian called La Taverne – had a very nice meal, as it turned out, though a bit pricier than the other two.

Day 7 (Wednesday)

Last full day on the island.

If we were to completely do Jersey, we needed to do the West Coast and the North-west corner, so after a quick visit to the co-op for the makings of lunch sandwiches,we headed along the A2/A1 and A13. Brief stop at M&S to buy evening meal, then to the B35. Paused briefly at La Pulette to admire the view up the coast, then began to potter slowly along St Ouens Bay.

Stopped first at La Rocco Tower and had a walk down on to the beach, then coffee at the cafe. Then moved up a way and parked up to watch some surfers and read our books for a while, before eating lunchtime sandwiches. Continued to the end of the beach, then round the North-west corner, parking up above Plemont Bay for a bit. On to Greve de Lecq, where we had a cup of tea at the nearest thing we have seen to a tourist trap – "Romany Shop and Cafe". Found our way to Devil’s Hole, but the footpath was closed for maintenance, so headed back for home.

Enjoyed the sun on our balcony for an hour or two, before doing justice to the M&S "Chinese Favourites" meal followed by too many profiteroles.

Day 8 (Thursday)

A day of idle time-passing in the warm sun …

Packed up and checked out around 10:30, then headed off along the South coast to pass the time until ferry in the evening.

Started with coffee and a mooch around in St Aubin. Lunched on pizza at a cafe on the harbour front. On to a viewpoint above Beauport Bay, then Corbiere for ice cream. Up St Ouens a little way. Finally headed back to ferry terminal to queue interminably.

Good crossing back to Weymouth, via Guernsey, with some delays. Into Wyemouth around 11:00pm; almost last off the boat, and arrived in Broadstone just after midnight.

Hello Blog – Long time no visit

I fear I have neglected the blog for quite some time: not a single post in the last two months, and pretty sporadic before that.

Better try and get back into the habit, if only so as to maintain some record of hols and other activities.

First move is to do a retrospective entry for Grasmere 2010 (which I’ll predate as appropriate)