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Lundy 2010

Thursday, May 13th

Super crossing from Ilfracombe, following a not-to-early start from the Travel Lodge at Barnstaple.

Bright sunny day, with the sea like the proverbial mill pond. Enjoyed the added bonus of the Navy doing some practice helicoptering for our entertainment, dropping a man on to the stern of the Oldenburg, followed by a pump unit, then taking them off again — pretty impressive stuff.

Delighted to find Diana is here again; greeted several "old friends" — sadly, Roger and Patrizia are off to Italy for a fortnight, so only able to exchange a few pleasantries with them.

Settled in after lunch; luggage took some time to arrive.

Salmon with asparagus and cherry tomatoes for evening meal.


Rather wet and dreary weather-wise.

Much reading and sitting about; abortive attempts to connect to internet with Vodafone dongle. Short walk out on to top East side path and back round to the Ugly

Phyl’s pork steaks in mushroom sauce for tea.


A day of special events (blessed with marvellous weather) …

Grand opening of the shed on the quay – attended by Chris, who declared the rest of us hadn’t missed anything.

Morris dancers outside the Tavern before lunch – excellent excuse for a couple of pints.

Unfurling of the new Lundy Flag at 2.00pm – we watched with binoculars from outside Government.

Curry for tea. The spiced rice was decidedly spicy — maybe 1/2 a chilli is right after all!


Rather poor weather: bit wet in the morning, improving late afternoon.

Sat around a lot – finished first book.

Boat load of Devon Birdwatchers came for the day.

Managed to get internet connexion in the back room of the pub (pass key 13-zeros+13-ones)

Walked by myself late afternoon – across to West coast, up West side to Quarter Wall, then back across and down the East side on the upper path.

Roast beef for the evening meal


Super sunny day – shorts and sandals all day (striped feet and pink shins by evening!)

Spotted a woodchat shrike just below Government in the early afternoon – shouldn’t be here, of course, but "Birds of Lundy" says occasional visits are recorded.

Diana invited us for drinks at the Quarters: enjoyable couple of hours, in company with "Torty" (who it transpired is a children’s book author), Bridget (who we speculated may be something like a "paid companion" to Diana), David somebody (responsible for the borehole drilling that was required in Harman’s will), Lars (designer of the Lundy stamps, who provided reindeer pate for the nibbles), and Penny (wife of a former Lundy farmer). Later joined by two granddaughters of Mr Gade.

Boiled ham with peas and mashed potatoes, when we eventually got home.


Woke very early and got up to return the nicely cut wood supply I’d brought home last night, having realized it’s purpose and feeling guilty!

Boat day, with Devon bell-ringers (who explained they are "change ringers" not "method ringers" – but it sounded much the same awful racket to me!); also a load of twitchers, apparently in search of the shrike.

Not a great day, weather-wise – mixture of cool misty spells and some warm sun; fog closing in by gin time.

All walked to Jenny’s in the afternoon, returning East Side on the lower rhodie walk (as was – almost all rhododendrons now killed off). Met someone who had seen a puffin, but no luck ourselves.

Topher’s bangers and mash with cauli cheese.


Awoke to the sound of the foghorn – Millcombe House scarcely visible; by midday, visibility even worse.

Slow and lazy start to the day. C&P emerged to tell of midnight visit to The Ugly, to hear the sheerwaters coming in – Lesley and I are content to take their word for it!

After a lunch of soup and rolls, all four set off to go to the Battery. Weather conditions being unchanged, we were not entirely confident of our navigation; just as we were concluding we had gone too far, we found it – it was further up than I had thought, almost to the Quarter Wall. Went right down to the bottom – even Phyl, for whom this was a first. Obliged to come up "without stopping" in accordance with Topher’s current exercise fixation 🙂

Instead of returning home, as I had expected, it was agreed we could go a little further, to the Earthquake. In the event we ended up going all the way to the Half Wall – at this point, Topher declare a fancy for pushing on even further, to circumnavigate Tibetts! JL and I bailed out and headed for home.

Phyl’s chilli for tea, made according to the Lundy Cookbook recipe – pretty hot, but a definte improvement on the packet variety, IMHO.


Woke to find fog still here! Not a breathe of wind. Topher did his "down-and-up" before breakfast!

Boiled eggs for breakfast. Usual daily trip to the shop – Nigel quite chatty when asked about his holiday plans. Marion came in and said hello.

Fog persisted until after lunch, then began to show signs of clearing. We all set off to do the South coast and South-West corner. In the end it turned out quite warm and sunny, though occasional bursts of mist came and went.

To the Tavern for tea. My Lundy Lamb Hotpot most disappointing – only four smallish cubes of meat: basically I ate a plateful of potato with a few leeks and carrots on the side! (I think Phyl did better, and Topher was pleased with his lasagne.) Pudding an equally disappointing "apple and summer fruits pie" with pretty doughy pastry and precious little sign of summer fruits.


Lovely sunny day to end the holiday.

Group trip to Brazen Ward with picnic lunch. Phyl and I paddled. Visited by three seals who were sociable but kept their distance. Returned via the lower path, with suitable stops to "admire the view".

Beer-can chicken for tea, and general eating- and drinking-up

Saturday, May 23rd

Another beautiful sunny day, making it extra hard to leave.

Mill-pond crossing.

Combe Martin fish & chips for tea.

Easy trip back to Broadstone (though tedious, as always) – about 2 1/2 hours.

Happy Birthday to Me

Birthday Tea:

English asparagus from Wiltshire
Beef Wellington, served with steamed vegetable selections and rosemary potatoes
Raspberry and marscapone meringue roulade
Ripe brie and wheaten crackers
(all courtesy of messrs. M&S)

Accompanied by
Ferry-strength Beefeater gin and tonic
2008 Aussie shiraz by Andrew Macpherson
Coffee and Isle of Jura Superstition malt