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Menorca 2010

Day 1 (Friday 3rd)

3.30 alarm. Taxi a few minutes late, but under way by 4.25. Pat driving, we were at the airport in good time. Sailed through check-in and security — all seemed very quiet. Over an hour to kill before boarding. Left more-or-less on time and arrived Mahon 10.50 local time. Once again, it was a full hour later that we left the airport.

Beers and lunch at Arenal beach bar, according to custom. Bar quiet but beach looked very busy.

Shopping at Mercadal Spar en route to Tamarindos.

Spaghetti with runner beans and corned beef for tea.

Day 2

Breakfast brought our first "shopping forgot" item: yoghurt

To Fornells for a mooch about and coffee in the square. No Rocquetta – we are between editions again, but expect more luck in Mercadal after the weekend.

Lazed about the rest of the day, with a couple of dips in the pool. Pretty quiet around the apartments, though there are more people in residence than last year.

Weather perfect — sunny and mostly cloudless all day, with sufficient breeze to prevent overheating.

Pork chops at home for tea, with corn and sautéed potatoes.

Day 3 (Sunday)

Clear blue sky this morning, but no wind — hot day in prospect.

Mid-morning, to the "far supermarket" for some supplies. The range of wines and spirits here is very good for a resort supermarket, if rather pricey. Bought Crema Catalana liqueur as potential after-dinner drink for JL, but this turns out to be a loser.

Short walk around the local area before taking a pre-lunch dip in the pool.

Whilst drying off on the sun deck, we spied a hoopoe passing by — great excitement, since we haven’t spotted one of those for many a year!

Swam in the sea after siesta – slight swell, but no problem.

To Na Marga for evening meal (lamb chops followed by crema catlana; JL had tiramisu for pud). No change here, other than a couple of new faces, waiter-wise. Himself has definitely lost a lot of weight.

Day 4 (Monday)

I was a bit warm in the night, and awoke to a completely flat sea – gonna be hot again!

Mercadal for a bit of shopping. Ferreteria failed to provide cheapo wine glasses, but we got a fly swat, so now we’re ready for them! Coffee in the square then home for a swim and lunch

As we were in the pool, spotted Egyptian Vulture circling overhead.

Entertained during lunch with aerial acrobatics by several dragonflies.

Swam in the sea again, after siesta.

Bangers and mash for tea — not the best Menorcan sausages we ever had: rather gristly

Day 5 (Tuesday)

Overcast start to the day, though still very warm. Sun out by lunch time.

To Es Cactus for coffee and free internet before lunch. Unfortunately no offer of using their own network; there is access to a commercial WiFi which gives 15 minutes free trial, but I think this will only work three times.

Popped into Fornells to buy a cooked chicken for tonight’s tea.

Chicken proved to be a bit of a disappointment – obviously been in the rotisserie a bit too long.

Day 6 (Wednesday)

Wind and sea have got up overnight.

To Es Castell for BCP communion as usual. Michael in typical form. No singing this year – possibly on account of few participants, though numbers jumped at the last minute; definitely missing a few old faces.

Beers at Sol Naciente at noon – not as busy as last year, but not totally dead. Clouds building and someone said rain is forecast.

Lunch in Es Grau at Bar Es Moll as usual. Not the regular waiter. Enjoyed usual selection of tapas – felt pretty full at the end! Spots of rain while we were eating.

Planned visit to Hipermarket in Mahon poligon industrial thwarted when we found it closed – the generally dead feel of the area suggests there may be a fiesta in progress, though we saw no specific sign (since we only have August Roqueta, we don’t know for sure).

Home for siesta, after shopping at Mercadal Spar. Weather not great.

Na Marga pizzas for tea.

Day 7 (Thursday)

Woke late to sunny start, but clouded over; decided to go for a trip out in the hope of finding brighter weather. Started to rain as we went to the car.

Headed for the Western end, encountering quite heavy traffic on the "main road".

As we approached Ciutadella it looked as if there was better prospect of sunshine to the North, so we headed up a little road signposted "Punta Nita". Ended up at said punta at the end of a narrow half-mile of potholed road with stone walls both sides and no turning place. Managed to jink the car round in a 64-point turn and parked up. Weather excellent and landscape very unusual – looks as if the stone-age bods liked this area, judging by the number of neolithic(?) building works. Spectacular drops to the sea and good view of other Balearics on the horizon.

Back to the city and parked above the ferry terminal. Coffee at one of the port-side restaurants, followed by a mooch round the town

Headed south to check out Cala en Bosc — Anna’s bound to ask if we went! Ate our picnic lunch near the Cap d’Artrutx lighthouse. Drove around Cala en Bosc (without stopping!) and set off back home.

Refreshed ourselves with a swim and forty winks.

Sun hot but wind tiresome, early evening; cloudy again by 6.00pm.

Day 8 (Friday 10th)

Noisy night; woke to sea crashing in at full bore, strong wind and sun (at first!)

Began to cloud over somewhat after breakfast, so headed for Mahon. Much nicer there. Parked behind Pedro’s again and used Gin X toilet en route to The Steps. Balearia just leaving port and Accionia berthed at terminal – they really are BIG!

Coffee at the first café, having climbed The Steps. Then to the "multi-storey ferreteria" where we finally got three serviceable wine glasses. Palo crema from the cake shop. Drove out along the port to check out the usual selection of craft, from "ordinary" stuff (probably not much dearer than your average house) to "massive" (nobody should have that much money!)

Home for lunch and siesta – sea/wind not in the least reduced, and still cloudy here, though Mahon had been sunny.

Late afternoon the sky finally cleared and we try to convince ourselves sea is subsiding.

Brian and Anita arrived to stay at 015

Day 9 (Saturday)

Another lazy day!

To Fornells late morning to order tonight’s paella. Coffee in the square, watching several coach parties "doing Fornells", some wearing coloured/numbered stickers in case they get lost. 🙂

Routine shopping at the Spar and home for a swim.

After siesta, simply lounged until gin-time.

Home-cooked pork chops with mushroom sauce, corn and fried potatoes.

Day 10 (Sunday)

Stayed around home in the morning (Mercadal-Fornells road closed for triathlon).

[at home all day, in fact? — can’t remember!]

Na Marga for enormous steak; JL pork loin; Cuatro Texturas de Chocolate for pud. Stuffed!

Day 11 (Monday)

Coffee up the mountain.

Cala Mitjana with picnic lunch – didn’t swim.

Chicken drumsticks with pepper sauce, Cheshire courgettes and Uncle Ben’s rice.

Day 12 (Tuesday)

Beach near Cavaleria; skinny dipped.

Es Cranc for tea. Mixed grilled fish – huge plateful, at least five types of fish, plus two prawns, two mega-prawns, whole squid and two small octopuses! JL had grilled prawns. Cheesecake for pud. Stuffed again!

Day 13 (Wednesday)

Church – admitted being Reader and volunteered to read in future (if I want to preach, only have to ask!)

Rising Sun

Canutells for swim, followed by bocadillos and two glasses of rosado. The inlet has had quite a makeover since last visited, but fortunately still quiet this late in the year

Corned-beef hash for tea.

Day 14 (Thursday)

Nice weather to start with and sea calm.

To Es Migjorn for morning coffee (actually, beer) and to poke our heads in at Snr Byfield’s gallery. Himself in attendance, but seeming somewhat preoccupied with jobs in the back. Half-a-dozen posh Brits in the bar.

Home for final dip in the sea.

Managed to finish off the beers and outstanding half bottle of wine with lunch – just one left for tonight.

Time to face the task of packing, after a siesta.

Home-cooking tonight – steak from the Hiper Centro butchers counter, with mushrooms and fried potatoes.

Day 15 (Friday 17th)

Time to go home 😦

Left for airport about 9:20. Straightforward journey, stopping for petrol on the Main Road (40 litres, trip showing 658km)

Usual queues, but being there in good time, we weren’t too badly off. Desks opened promptly at 10:10 and we were through to departure area about 10:45. Boarded started promptly at around 11:35, but once on the aircraft they announced a delay of about half-an-hour due to French ATC disputes.

Landed about 2:15 local and pretty good baggage clearance. Home in Crewe just after 4 o’clock. Weather jolly cold!!!

All in all, an excellent holiday – JL talking about 3 weeks next year!