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Autumn Break 2010

To the Sunny South (and it was, too) for our customary autumn interlude with Chris and Phyl.

A good run down on Wednesday, taking the slow-and-steady route, as usual. Left Nantwich about 10:15 after calling at Chatwins for goodies; arrived Broadstone around 3:15 – average speed 48mph, fuel consumption 47 mpg.

Thursday, JL and I paid the required visit to M&S and then spent a couple of pleasant hours at C&P’s beach hut on Sandbanks.

Friday, the four of us had a day out on the west side of Southampton Water, taking in Calshot Castle and Hythe. G&S in the evening – Mikado this year; a realy excellent production. Very late to bed (1.10am!) due to being joined by The Connors for supper afterwards

Saturday morning, we checked out the Wimborne Food Festival – pretty much like any other similar affair; sampled various cheeses etc, bought some stuff from a game supplier (edible, that is, not playable). In the afternoon, had an enjoyable walk across the water from Sandbanks, along the shore north of Ferry Road (map). Finished off the day with customary curry.

Had a good run home Sunday, by the Easterly Route, arriving home around three o’clock.

Hello wordpress!

Welcome to

This is my first post since Microsoft decided to ditch Live Spaces and migrate its users to the wordpress environment (see here).

At first glance, it looks like an improvement: there seems to be a lot more functionality here, though I’m not sure it’s going to be of particular benefit to me; but I guess I’ll enjoy playing around with it for a while.