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Winter City Break 2010

To the Frozen North for our annual city break this year —

Actually, Edinburgh is not quite sub-zero when we arrive, but it’s pretty close and certainly feels jolly cold!

Day 1 (Tuesday)

Caught the 9:09 from the Crewe and arrived Edinburgh at almost half-past twelve, just a few minutes late. Very pleasant journey, with nice views at times.

Weather good, mostly sunny and no sign of rain.

The Roxburgh Hotel is very comfortable, and conveniently situated.

Dinner in the hotel restaurant – frankly a bit over-priced, but food OK.

Day 2

Made a good breakfast: sufficient to see us through to teatime; but not in the same league as Chinese party sitting nearby, who must have made at least 6 trips to the buffet (an not a pick on them!)

Bought tickets for the tour buses and made the most of them. Excellent live commentary on the red Mac Tour bus.

Castle very good, but were disappointed to miss the firing of the One O’clock Gun.

Weather stayed fine, in spite of snow forecast, but very cold — tee-shirt, rugby shirt and two fleeces notwithstanding!

Evening meal at The Living Room. Very good, but extremely stuffed by the end!

Day 3

Fairly late breakfast – restaurant much busier than yesterday.

Did the shops, beginning at Jenners, and working our way all along Princes Street. Then back-tracked in order to see/hear the One O’clock Gun from the Castle.

Back to the hotel for a bit of a warm — weather decidedly colder today, probably due to stronger wind.

Donned my new winter trekking pants (bargain from Mountain Warehouse) for a further outing; eastward on Queens Street as far as far as Frederick St, for a change; then by George St to St Andrews Sq, and so into St James Shopping mall (massive John Lewis). Back through the now established Winter Fair/Market.

Very good evening meal just across the road at Gusto Italian restaurant

Firefox hangs – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

This may be an answer to the slow running of FF

Firefox hangs – MozillaZine Knowledge Base.

New Toy – Olympus E-410 DSLR

So I finally took the plunge and stepped properly into the digital photography world.

Of course, I have been taking digital photos for several years, with a compact point-and-shoot device (Canon Powershot A710), but this is something a bit more serious.

What prompted this move was a recent exercise on behalf of Roy, our next-door neighbour. A friend of his had come upon a box full of photographic bits and pieces in a skip, and he wanted some kind of evaluation of its worth. Amongst the things in this box was a super-wide Flexagon lens, and searching the net to get some idea of value, I discovered that old film-camera lenses like this have a new lease of life attached to digital cameras using a suitable adapter.

Well, of course, it was only a matter of time before I convinced myself I ought to be having a go at this, since my modest collection of photographica includes a few good lenses, and the whole project sounded quite interesting.

It was soon apparent that a 4/3 DSLR was the way to go, and a week or two of eBay browsing showed that I could get an E-410 or E-420 at a not-too-horrifying price.

So here is my new baby:

(not actually my camera, but an image I snaffled of the web)

For more details see the Olympus web page.

So now I’m starting up the learning curve of raw image files, white balance and so on – yet another time-consumer: just what I needed!