Shock! Horror! The Five Fails MOT

Trotted off cheerfully to Paul Sheard Autos on Friday morning to get The Five its annual certificate of health, expecting to exchange a few pleasantries with Paul and be home in no time. (Well, in truth, “being home in no time” is more of a hope than an expectation, but then I never saw a garage yet that could complete things in the expected/promised time — I think it’s just a fact of life!)

Anyway, we sat down in the new saleroom/waiting area with a cup of tea and settle down to wait. After a bit I had a stroll round outside, checking the cars currently on offer, but saw nothing to tempt me. Returning inside, I notice the car was up on the lift, so thought I’d take the opportunity for a comfortable look around underneath. Oh dear!!

First off, Paul was not impressed with my sump-drain valve that I fitted at the last service: it protrudes below the subframe and could perhaps be in danger of getting fouled, with the result (according to Paul) that it would rip the sump out. I think he’s right — that’ll be coming off next service.

More worryingly, there was a lot of oil splashed about. I had noted marks on the garage floor, but had put it down to being hydraulic fluid that I spilled when fitting the new clutch slave cylinder; but this was definitely oil. And looking up through the engine bay, you could clearly see a drip on the bottom of the Cam Angle Sensor. I had a feeling I was losing some oil there, but hadn’t thought it was a serious leak.

Returned to the waiting area somewhat dischuffed. But worse was to come

After a while Paul appeared to report the MOT was FAILED — no handbrake on the left side!!

Not a good day 😦

Once home, it didn’t take long to establish the problem was a seized left-rear handbrake cable. Spent a difficult hour or so removing the cable, then ordered a replacement from Autolink through their ebay shop, with best-possible delivery, and settled down to drown my sorrows with the usual Friday evening bottle of plonk.

The replacement cable arrived Saturday morning — well done Autolink — but the day was so perishing cold, I decided to put of the job of installing till after the weekend.

Monday morning it was a fairly straightforward job to install the new cable (once the inboard end was connected, that is — proved to be a real pig, trying to get the inner connected to the compensator). A call to Paul Sheard resulted in “bring it in this afternoon”, so after lunch I tootled back to Congleton, taking an alternative route via Warmingham and Elworth (had some business on the north side fo Crewe).

Ten minutes after arriving, I had my certificate in my hand and a smile on my face.

Just need to fix that oil leak now!

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