Oil Leak Fixed? (Again!)

So, having got The Five through its annual health check (see previous blog entry), the next step is to try and tackle the (latest) oil leak.

Been aware for a while that there might be a bit of a drip from the area of the Cam Angle Sensor, but hadn’t thought it was too bad. Consequently very surprised to see the amount of oil splashed around underneath the car when it was up on the lift for the MOT.

However, further investigation shows that, once again, I have failed to empty the crank breather catch-tank!! So that was the first thing to do.

Having sorted the catch tank, and since I did have a new O-ring for the CAS, it seemed desirable to tackle that drip.

Not a difficult job, in fact. Removal of the CAS was pretty simple, once I’d figured the coil pack needed to come off as well.

Putting it the CAS back was no so easy — the problem of getting the drive dogs aligned proved to be another of those awkward tasks that just needs repeated attempts, extensive cursing, and a final bit of luck.

Anyway, now it’s done, and hopefully the garage floor will remain clear for a while.  😉

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