Out In The Cold

Spent a very chilly day at Oulton Park on Saturday for the first BRSCC Race Day of the season. (Might not have been so bad if the following day hadn’t been wall-to-wall sunshine!)

Good program of events, but one we only just managed to squeeze in before curfew, and then only by cutting the last race short — they do like to get their money’s worth!

Posted at Cascades, where you can generally count on seeing some action, and sure enough we did get some exercise to warm us up. Rather unusually, most action was on the inside where we collected a Formula Ford in qualifying and a Super Mighty Mini in Race 7. Enjoyable chat with the Mini driver, who was with us for most of the race.

In the second Super Kart race, we collected a kart in the gravel, which was dealt with by lifting the machine bodily and carrying it clear. Those things are seriously mad — the fastest car of the day; imagine lapping the International circuit in around 1:37 (an average speed of just under 100mph) with your bum 3 inches off the tarmac, in a machine that can be lifted by four people!

(picture cribbed from http://www.superkart.org.uk)

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