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Lundy 2012

The Prologue …

Sunday 13th May
Having hauled our bags and baggage into the car (are those two big bags really only 20kg?!), set off for the South just after 10:00am
Good journey down, by the Eastern Route — M6, M40, A34, M27,A31; mostly at a steady 77mph on the cruise control, with coffee at Cherwell Valley and sandwiches in a lay-by on the A34.

Monday 14th
To Sainsbury’s for final food shopping, then a major reworking of the packing, as Phyl says there’s a maximum weight allowance of 15kg per bag!
Rather late departure for Barnstaple (Topher having some major last-minute Church Warden-ing to complete!), but made reasonable time getting down there. Fish-and-chips at Appledore followed by a comfortable night in the Travelodge.

Act I – The First Week …

Tuesday 15th
To Ilfracombe for the 10:00 boat. Weather not great — dry but windy, with sea state officially declared “rough”; crewman subsequently declared it really “only what we’d call ‘moderate'”, but Topher and I beg to differ!  😦
Landed just before noon, and by the time we had climbed to the Tavern, felt sufficiently recovered to partake of burger and chips, washed down with a couple of pints of Old Light.
Government House was ready in good time and we were soon settled in.
Salmon with asparagus etc, followed by Chatwin’s cream swiss roll

Wednesday 16th
Special event of the day was the Fire Brigade Exercise. JL and I had taken a stroll after lunch: across to Hanmers, on to The Castle, then past Benjamin’s Chair and up behind the Church to the helicopter field, and so to the Tavern, where a swift pint proved irresistible. As we sat there in the sunshine, it became apparent the Lundy Fire Brigade were going to be engaged in some kind of training exercise. In due course, the fire truck, the tractor towing the water bowser, and a Land Rover full of suitably-kitted Lundy-ites  headed off up the Main Road, with us in hot pursuit. They turned off into [????] field and headed for the side-lands, where they presumably planned to extinguish a mythical brush fire. Unsure if it would be permissible/acceptable to follow, we continues up the road to Quarter Wall and crossed over to The Cottages, and so back towards home along the top East-side path. As we came in sight of them again, the exercise was coming to a close, so we watched them recover their hoses, and then headed on home.
Evening meal of  M&S steak-and-kidney puddings, by Phyl, with apricot tart to follow.

Thursday 17th
Pork chops and heavyweight chocolate mousse

Cruise ship
Pub for starters and main — excellent! Mince tart and ice cream for afters

Lazy day; jigsaw.
Curry night; red-fruit salad

Croissants: 18min @ 170deg too little – three more minutes just about OK: next time 22min@170deg
Quarry Beach
Roast lamb; raspberry meringues

Act II – The Second Week …

Bought new rugby shirt
Up the Main Road and across the airfield to the west side, then round the Earthquake to the south side of Jenny’s. Following consultation with a couple of ladies “doing the letter boxes” we located a recommended spot for seeing the puffins — and sure enough there they were: quite a lot of them; certainly our best viewing ever.
Lunch in the shelter of Half-way Wall.
Then on up to Three-Quarter wall and across to the east side. Returned by the Lower Path to Caterpillar Corner, and thence up the Timekeeper’s Slope and home on the upper east side path.
Boiled ham followed by stick toffee pudding.

To the Ugly for morning coffee and to observe the Trinity House boat and the arrival of the Oldenburg; neither of which provided much entertainment.
Lunch at home, after which JL and I had a local stroll.
Largely inactive afternoon, with mist coming and going. Late final walk up to the Rocket Pole and back across to the village, when the mist began to roll in quit seriously.
Topher’s sausages and cauli cheese; followed by extempore pudding of bananas and toffee sauce with ice cream.

Dull most of the day, but not cold.
C&P to Brazen Ward and North End; D&L stayed local (L poorly back)
Scaffolding removed from the Old Light.
Two tiny goslings.
Chili and rhubarb crumble

Mist/fog until lunchtime, then bright sunshine & warm
Oldenburgdelivered 200+ in dense fog
JST tall ship Lord Nelson arrived unseen, but was revealed when mist lifted around lunchtime
Spent most of the afternoon by The Ugly, watching comings and goings in the landing bay
Pub for tea: I enjoyed Lundy Lamb Fillet with orange salad, followed by Lundy Pork Chops (2-off, enormous!); general consensus was not as good as previous Friday, probably because different chef, but still acceptable. Remains of RFS with ice cream and pudding wine.

Sunny all day
Idle morning (?)
Afternoon walked via Ugly, top east side to Quarter Cottages, across airfield to Old Light. Up Light (gratia Derek). Sunbathed out of the wind NW of Light.
Rumours of helicopter due to high winds
Begin Packing
Beer-can Chicken and treacle pud; drink-up

Still windy but helicopter cancelled.
Oldie failed to dock and waited west side till after lunch
Sea fell during afternoon
Very nice sail home.
No f&c!!
Arr. Broadstone 00:30. Bed 01:30

The Epilogue

Sunday 27th May
Up in good time to enjoy breakfast with C&P before duty called them at church. As per normal, shopping at Ringwood Waitrose before setting out for The North. Good travelling, despite moderate traffic. Slightly tense few miles on the M6 Toll, with fuel gauge on zero, but made it to Norton Canes services. Home in Wistaston around 14:30.

Once again, an excellent early summer break, this time enhanced by very good weather. We have already decided to get 2014 booked a.s.a.p. since it will be our 20th anniversary.