Monthly Archives: August 2012

Shugborough in the Sunshine

Ignoring the forecast of “possible showers”, we took the MX-5 for a run down to Shugborough today, meeting up with Diane and Les for one of our periodic outings.

Decent early lunch in the Lady Walk Tearoom, followed by a look round the house and gardens.

Impressed with the comfortable, “lived-in” feel of many of the rooms. Enjoyed looking at the reconstruction of Patrick Lichfield’s portrait studio, with various items of period photgraphic gear; some really nice photos too, of course.

Spotted this chap fishing on the far bank of the river. (Though I’m not sure if “fishing” is quite accurate — that catch looks distinctly un-fish-like to me!)


A Fine Day Out (More-or-Less)

Very nice outing to Trentham Gardens with Rosemary & Mervyn, in somewhat belated celebration of their Ruby Wedding.

Italian Gardens at Trentham

The forecasters earlier in the week had promised all sorts of unpleasantness, including thunderstorms, but happily they were wrong again: it wasn’t exactly summer¬† weather as we might wish it to be, but the sun peeped through briefly and when we did eventually get a shower it was mercifully short-lived.

Really good lunch at David’s Brasserie, marred only by a rather long delay before pudding arrived — serves us right for having a third course that we really didn’t need (though it was good when it came)!