OK, I give up — BBQ it is

After managing only one barbie last summer, I vowed I wouldn’t even bother to get the gubbins out of the garage this year. But have to admit, this really is barbie  weather, good and proper, so I give in …

2013-07-19 19.19.50

Beef shish kebab, by Sainsbury — good, if rather overcooked

Chicken breast kebabs with tikka marinade, by Sainsbury — good

Peppered pork kebab, by me — disappointing (I thought pork tenderloin would barbecue OK, but I was wrong)

Chilean syrah, by Karu (http://bit.ly/130U4pv) — very pleasant

Only question now is, have I initiated the end of this rather nice summer weather, or will there be time for another cook-out? — only time will tell.

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