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New Toy – Olympus E-410 DSLR

So I finally took the plunge and stepped properly into the digital photography world.

Of course, I have been taking digital photos for several years, with a compact point-and-shoot device (Canon Powershot A710), but this is something a bit more serious.

What prompted this move was a recent exercise on behalf of Roy, our next-door neighbour. A friend of his had come upon a box full of photographic bits and pieces in a skip, and he wanted some kind of evaluation of its worth. Amongst the things in this box was a super-wide Flexagon lens, and searching the net to get some idea of value, I discovered that old film-camera lenses like this have a new lease of life attached to digital cameras using a suitable adapter.

Well, of course, it was only a matter of time before I convinced myself I ought to be having a go at this, since my modest collection of photographica includes a few good lenses, and the whole project sounded quite interesting.

It was soon apparent that a 4/3 DSLR was the way to go, and a week or two of eBay browsing showed that I could get an E-410 or E-420 at a not-too-horrifying price.

So here is my new baby:

(not actually my camera, but an image I snaffled of the web)

For more details see the Olympus web page.

So now I’m starting up the learning curve of raw image files, white balance and so on – yet another time-consumer: just what I needed!