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Living with a Legend

Had my HTC Legend for about three weeks now, so it’s probably time to record some reaction.

Things that I Like:


Very clear and with a good range of brightness. (You really need a brightness adjuster app to make the most of this.)

Keypad Entry

This is much better than my old phone (Samsung Vodafone M1 360), even though the on-screen keys don’t seem significantly larger.

Home screens and HTC Sense

It’s really easy to organize things with seven home pages easily available. The “pinch-to-zoom” feature is really neat (not sure if this is part of HTC Sense, actually, or a facility of all Android phones).

Lots of Apps

The number of apps available is mind-boggling, and most of the ones I’ve tried are good quality.

Things that I Don’t Like:

Battery Usage

I find that after about 12 hours, the battery is down to 25% or less; which is OK provided you don’t forget to charge overnight every day, but it would be nice to have a bit more leeway.

Things I’m Not Sure About:


I haven’t used the camera a lot, but considering it’s 5 Mp it doesn’t seem much better (if at all) than the 3 Mp I had on the old phone.

Things I’ve added :

Here’s a list of the apps I’ve got (so far!) …

Inkpad Notepad by Wokpail
GPS Test by Chartcross
Brightness Level by CurveFish
JuicdDefender by LateDroid
WebMemo by Fuukiemonster
Unit Converter by Sunny Moon
Google Translate by Google
Astrid Tasks by Todoroo Inc
NIV Bible by Tecarta
JourneyPro by Navitime
Xmarks by LastPass
LastPass by LastPass
RealCalc Scientific byQuartic
Android Terminal by linxmap
Executive Assistant by Appventive
Exec Assist POP/IMAP byAppventive
Twitter by Twitter Inc
ES Task Manager by EStrings Inc
ES File Explorer by EStrongs
AndroZip File Mgr by AgileSoft
ASTRO File Mgr by Metago
Evernote by Evernote
Dropbox by Dropbox Inc
Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team
Sky News by BSkyB
TweetDeck by TweetDeck Inc
WordPress by Automattic Inc

Firefox hangs – MozillaZine Knowledge Base

This may be an answer to the slow running of FF

Firefox hangs – MozillaZine Knowledge Base.